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Local business owners sometimes get tunnel vision when it comes to customer reviews, mistakenly believing Google values its own reviews more than those left on other sites.

When faced with too many choices, others will rely on the “social proof” of what others think, and facebook reviews are a perfect example.

Facebook are one of the major review platforms.

Prices: $12 – $96 (only $4/review)

Delivery Time: 10-14 days (drip feed)

Increase your local business reputation with facebook reviews. We will drip feed these reviews and ensure everything looks as natural as possible.

  • All reviews are from aged accounts with unique IP
  • No footprint! 1 account = 1 review. We only use 1 account to posting 1 review.
  • 100% guarantee permanent stick
What You Need To Provide
  • Business name
  • Facebook page link
  • Written reviews to post

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Over 3000 positive reviews, can't be wrong!

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