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UpCity is an online marketplace that connects companies with proven digital marketing service providers and agencies. It offers a directory of qualified marketing service providers across industry verticals and in local markets. Agencies can utilize the Agency Growth Engine to boost their revenue in a scalable manner. The engine enables agencies to promote their business using UpCity’s online marketplace. Plus, it provides skilled people to enhance marketing services processes and improves efficiency via project management and white-label reporting.

UpCity has been designed to assist small and medium-sized businesses to easily find skilled digital marketing professionals and agencies. Its local agency marketplace facilitates introductions between business owners and agencies.

Reviews are posted from local IP and phone number with different IP/location/device for each review. We will drip feed these reviews and ensure everything looks as natural as possible.

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  • Reviews are posted from different IP/location/browser
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1. What Accounts That You Used To Post Those Reviews?

We use geo-targeted profiles with local IP and phone number. Every reviews are posted with unique IP/location/device.

ALL REVIEWS ARE POSTED BY OUR IN-HOUSE TEAM BY HAND. No bot work or software is used during this process.

2. How long will it take to get my reviews live?

It may take up to 5 business days for UpCity to approve to review.

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